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San Diego, California. 1925-1926.  This diminutive cottage is a charmer with its mullioned, arched glass front door, window boxes beneath six over six, double hung windows, prominent chimney bisecting the front gable as if it were a grand, English manor house, and varied roofline complete with an eyebrow arch and a steep, but tiny gable.  Built by Frank Melcher, a local builder and realtor, the cottage has been the starter home for many young families, from teachers to Navy seamen, who however often outgrew its cottage proportions and moved on to larger homes.  Many of the original interior details luckily remain intact, from blue and white, hexagonal tiles in the bathroom to a niche above the fireplace for a special piece of pottery.  One of the more unusual features which still remains is a drawer bed in the living room.  A large drawer pulls out to reveal a three-fourths size bed; the bed tucks up into a walk-in closet in the bathroom when not in use.<br />