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Portland, Oregon. c.1890.  This miniature Queen Anne jewel sparkles with a wealth of gingerbread ornament and stained glass, and is painted in a proper, late nineteenth century "autumn" palate of greens, crème, burgundy and gold, accented with a barn-red shake roof.  But this house was not always such an eye-catcher.  When the owners first purchased it nearly 20 years ago, it had seen more than its share of updating.  Red, composition siding with yellow trim covered the exterior, a Colonial Revival front door had replaced the original, and any traces of original gingerbread trim had long ago been thrown on the scrap heap.  Bought for only $30,000, the owners planned to simply renovate the home and then resell it.  But once they became involved in the restoration process, they found they were "hooked" and rather than selling their Victorian cottage, they meticulously restored it and have now even begun their own restoration business.