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This third volume in a popular series highlights the special beauty and enduring appeal of Arts and Crafts bungalow gardens. <br />
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Matching Paul Duchscherer's authoritative text with striking photographs by Douglas Keister--the team that made The Bungalow and Inside the Bungalow so successful--Outside the Bungalow will captivate the ever-growing number of Arts and Crafts aficionados. In it the garden, with its "nature-friendly" charm and character, takes the spotlight as an integral part of bungalow living. <br />
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Focusing on the fixed architectural or "hardscape" elements, striking ensembles include entry gates, arbors, portals, and driveways; wooden fences, screens, railings, and masonry walls; paths, walkways, and steps; ponds, fountains, bird baths, swimming pools, and spas; courtyards, patios, gazebos, pergolas, and porches; outdoor furniture from benches to swings; and details from treehouses and potting sheds to lighting and garden accessories. Special chapters feature gardens of the famous Charles and Henry Greene houses, and a turn-of-the-century plant list. Portraits of gardens in context with their vintage bungalows range from glorious color photographs to hand-colored postcards of the period and will thrill architecture or design professionals and amateurs eager to recapture the romance of "bungalowmania."