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Desiree is a fast-paced yarn set in the desolate high desert country of Northern, Nevada. Chick Corbett returns to his cabin on a cold winter evening to find Desiree Depardieu hovering over a dead body. Soon, the body and Desiree are gone and Chick sets off in pursuit. Along the way, author Douglas Keister introduces a cast of quirky characters including Basque sheepherder Elwood LeFoote and his three-legged Border Collie named Phydeaux, Chick's best friend, Tom Twotrees a six-foot-six Paiute Indian who is a member of Mensa and Chick's Uncle Ray, who sleeps suspended like a bat. The search for Desiree takes readers to a brothel in Winnemucca, Nevada, the Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert, Beijing, Hong Kong and San Francisco. What is this strange woman Desiree doing in Nevada? The answer is surprising and leads to a high-level theft involving tens of millions of dollars.