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From a nationally renowned photographer and author team, Going Out in Style: The Architecture of Eternity provides an engagingand at times surprisinglook at America's forgotten architecture: the mausoleum.<br />
Elegant, full-color photographs display the grandeur of the mausoleum, documenting the work of some of America's most noted architects and in some cases the only remaining examples of a particular architect's work. Additionally, photographs of the interiors of some mausoleums show rarely seen Tiffany stained-glass windows.<br />
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Going Out in Style takes readers into beautiful and historic cemeteries in such cities as New York, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and many others. Intriguing captions, which accompany each photograph, reveal the story behind the structure, including:<br />
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A description of the architectural style The life of the person or family whose monument is depicted Anecdotes and background information Location.<br />
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From Classical to Egyptian Revival, mausoleums assume many different architectural forms and represent a time capsule to a specific period of our history.