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FRANCES HILL AND MATRON. Frances Hill (1904-1932) stands demurely behind an older woman--perhaps her mother? Hill boarded with John C. Galbreath's family even before she graduated from Lincoln High School in 1924 and as late as 1929. Galbreath also provided her grave at Wyuka Cemetery upon her young death in 1932. (Frances Hill appears in other images)<br />
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The 1920 census shows Aaron Douglas, 21 year old University student, was a roomer in the household of Ben. F. & Lottie Corneal. Ben was head of the waiters club of Lincoln; a second roomer was a barber. They resided at 524 N. 9th--a couple of blocks south of Mamie Griffin's house at 915 U. The Corneals next door neighbors were John and Mable Galbreath at 524 N. 9th. John was sometimes a waiter; in 1920 he was listed as operating a restaurant. John and Mable also had a roomer, as well as a stepdaughter--15 year old Frances Hill. <br />
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Photographs taken on black and white glass negatives by African American photographer(s) John Johnson and Earl McWilliams from 1910 to 1925 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Douglas Keister has 280 5x7 glass negatives taken by these photographers. Larger scans available on request.