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The screen door is propped open with a rock, and a rug has been pulled across the threshold, transforming a simple doorway into a contrasting dark frame for a portrait of a woman in gleaming white. Like most of the photographs in the collection the attention to detail, the composition and the knowledge of shadow and light show a craftsman at work. This photograph is "made" rather than "taken".<br />
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INFO ADDED BY KIM FOOTE March 2024:  This is my gr-gr aunt Romaine Colbert Burden. She and John photographer John  Johnson both worked as janitors at the post office at the same time. I managed to track down a photo of her with her husband, John Jerry Burden (son of Henry Burden), likely on their wedding day in 1912. She died in 1938. The addresses I've found for her are 2001 K St., 2122 T St.  231 S. 20th, and 2417 N. 30th. She was also a member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  I'm also now wondering if her all-white clothing is indicative of her membership in fraternal organizations like the Eastern Stars and Daughters of Isis.