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Portland, Oregon. c. 1890.  Dramatically draped portieres frame the parlor and separate it from the dining room.  It's hard to imagine the room 20 years ago, when 1950's linoleum covered the original, hardwood floors and shiny, high gloss pink paint covered the peeling wallpaper.  The owners wallpapered the room twice, initially with an inexpensive burgundy paper; then again, several years later with a sophisticated, Brillion Collection frieze and wall fill in purples and greens.  The owner hand stenciled the intricate ceiling pattern himself - twice.  After getting halfway through, he realized that the ceiling was not symmetrical, and had to start over.  The whole process took several years!  Lit by an 1876 Cornelius and Baker chandelier, the room is furnished <br />
with Renaissance Revival furniture including a tufted, medallion backed sofa and a burled walnut, nineteenth century piano (the owner enjoys playing jazz).  An ebonized tête-à-tête beneath the chandelier centers the room.