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JOHNSON HOUSE, 1310 A STREET. James Trusty, a carpenter and African American Civil War veteran, built this house in 1891 for Harrison Johnson (1849-1900). During the Civil War, Johnson, an Arkansas native, escaped from slavery and took refuge with Nebraska's 1st Regiment. He enlisted as a private and served out the war with the all-white regiment. After the war he settled in Lincoln. He was a member of the Farragut Post of the Grand Army of the Republic and worked as a hotel cook and janitor. Harrison and his wife, Margaret, had one son, John<br />
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Photographs taken on black and white glass negatives by African American photographer(s) John Johnson and Earl McWilliams from 1910 to 1925 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Douglas Keister has 280 5x7 glass negatives taken by these photographers. Larger scans available on request.