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Before there were manufactured camp cars and accessories, people who wanted to go on automotive adventures had to lash all of their equipment to their vehicles. That phenomenon is illustrated well in this 1907 Thomas Flyer, built by the E. R. Thomas Motor Company in Buffalo, New York. This one-of-a-kind vehicle was the winner of the New York to Paris Around the World Race in 1908. Prior to the race, the Thomas Flyer was outfitted with extra gas tanks, tires, and camping gear. The 169-day race spanned 13,341 land miles plus about 9,000 sea miles. George Schuster, the only crewmember to travel the entire distance, drove the car into Paris on July 30. Second place went to the Germans who arrived twenty-six days later. Photographed at the National Automobile Museum (the Harrah Collection), Reno, Nevada.