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Vintage hippie buses are becoming as rare as vintage hippies, so it’s unusual to find a bus that is intact as well as operating. This bus started out its life as a dowdy 1964 Chevrolet school bus that was owned by the First Pentecostal Church of Cranston, Rhode Island. Michael Wright acquired it a decade or so later. Michael, who is usually known as Bus Michael because he has owned a number of buses, has, thanks to copious amounts of Bondo and elbow grease, kept the bus in remarkably good repair, long after most hippie buses skidded into the sunset. Thanks to Michael’s collection of photographs, the bus’s provenance can be accurately plumbed. The bus has made appearances in the Doo Dah Parade (an antidote to the more traditional Rose Parade) in Pasadena, California, which occurs on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Photographed in Slab City, California.