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ALLEN WEDDING PARTY. Luther and Ida Allen are pictured at 828 B Street on their wedding day (around 1912). Luther Allen (1885-1969) was prominent in Lincoln's Prince Hall Masons. He was among black leaders from Omaha and Lincoln who met with Gov. Arthur Weaver in 1929 to quell tensions after a severe racial incident in North Platte. Luther was a longtime chauffeur for H. E. Gooch, who published the Lincoln Star newspaper and founded Gooch Mills. Ida Allen (1887-1983) was the daughter of Rev. George Maston, with whom they shared 828 B Street. She worked as a maid at the Miller and Paine store. When photographer John Johnson died in 1953, Ida helped distribute his photographs among the families portrayed.<br />
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Photographs taken on black and white glass negatives by African American photographer(s) John Johnson and Earl McWilliams from 1910 to 1925 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Douglas Keister has 280 5x7 glass negatives taken by these photographers. Larger scans available on request.