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When Jerry Walsworth retired from his job as a truck driver, he just couldn’t part with the romance of piloting a huge mass of steel down the road. But after he and his wife Barb decided to pursue the RV way of life, they discovered there wasn’t any motorhome that really fit their lifestyle. So, in 1992, they decided that the best thing to do was build a unique rig that suited them. They started with a 1969 Kenworth cab as the foundation and then built a conventional RV-type body with 2 x 2 wood framing sheathed in aluminum. The imposing vehicle, which was completed in August 1994, is 32 feet long (with 21 feet, 6 inches of living space); 8 feet wide; and 11 feet, 9 inches tall. When the<br />
Walsworths drove into campgrounds, they were often turned away because some snooty campground owners did not allow homemade “hippie buses” into their pristine RV parks. Jerry solved the problem by creating his own “KW” (Kenworth) logo. The couple is now allowed in RV parks and can mingle with more pedestrian RVs. Photographed in Hutchinson, Kansas.