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The Grand Slam’s interior is truly an ode to the ’70s. Almost nothing has been changed since it rolled off the assembly line. The interior is fitted with the original furniture covered in pussy willow fabric, and the period appliances are still in good working order. Only a modern television and a propane-powered lamp (out of view on the right) have been added by the owners. True to the ’70s ethos, the wood-grained surfaces are actually a dark patinated contact paper–like plasticized material applied over particleboard. The only piece of real wood is the spindle at the center that holds up a cabinet. During the free-wheeling ’70s, a number of manufacturers made what can only be described as pleasure palaces on wheels that sported plush upholstery, tinted windows, and ’70s-era accessories like lava lamps and assorted Day- DayGlo accessories and fabrics. In the 1970s, when every vehicle sported a bumper sticker or two, one of the most popular with the RV crowd read, “If this camper’s rockin’, don’t bother knockin’.” The Grand Slam, while not a completely decked-out pleasure palace, does at least suggest a nod to that design ethic by having deep pile carpet on part of the ceiling. A final touch and testament to the ’70s is the afghan, made by the owner in 1974, which is draped over the sofa/bed combination.