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The 1994 Australian cult film Priscilla Queen of the Desert may be the only time a motorhome got the title role in a motion picture. The movie documents the adventures of three gender-challenged male performers as they make their way across the Australian Outback to perform at a nightclub in Alice Springs. Their mode of transportation is an old bus that along the way receives a coat of pink paint and also serves as a rolling stage. The film was so well received by the Aussies that an updated version of Priscilla was commissioned. The new Priscilla, complete with metallic eyelashes, supple lips, and a vibrantly coiffed do was fabricated by Stan and Josie Biega from a 1980 Denning Bus and was featured at the closing ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. Alas, Priscilla has been stripped of her accessories and now lives a sedate life as an ordinary motorhome. Courtesy Stan and Josie Biega,