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During the 1970's, despite the gas crisis, huge self-propelled motor homes with powerful gas guzzling engines came into their own. These lumbering behemoths offered amenities like television and air conditioning as standard equipment and they were easier to negotiate on the roadways and in campgrounds than trailers. Trailer manufacturers were forced to scramble to compete with motor homes. Airstream's answer was to make larger, even harder to maneuver trailers, but with all of the modern and AC generators to power them. Unfortunately this added considerable weight and few vehicles were equipped to easily tow these large trailers. It's fairly common to see vintage trailers of the 1950's and 60's pulled with age appropriate vehicles, it is quite uncommon to see 1970's era trailers pulled with a vehicle of the same vintage. Thus, this combination of a thirty-one foot 1976 Sovereign and a 1977 GMC Suburban Classic is a rarity.<br />
Sovereign and Suburban owned by Tom and Patsy Moreland. Photographed at the Deming Log Show Grounds, Bellingham, Washington