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A few steps from Via Mizner’s Worth Avenue entrance is the ground-floor foyer of Mizner’s apartment, which occupies the upper four levels of the tower.  The cast stone arch with its deliberately chipped and broken edges is a product of Mizner Industries, whose craftsmen were unparalleled in replicating a look of antiquity.  The firm’s vast array of products appeared in Mizner’s own work as well as that of his competitors, further disseminating  his personal style during the Twenties.  <br />
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Despite his many accomplishments in Palm Beach, however, Mizner’s fortunes declined rapidly after the mid-Twenties.  His investment in a Boca Raton development scheme just prior to the Florida real estate bust of 1926 put him in dire financial straits, and also removed him from the Palm Beach social scene, costing him considerable prestige.  In 1927, Mizner became ill with pneumonia; in declining health, he designed his final Palm Beach residence in 1932, his antiquarian style already bordering on anachronism.  He died of a heart attack in February of the following year.