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COURTHOUSE DENIZENS, C. 1915. The north steps of the post office are the setting for this group portrait, which includes a policeman and two newsboys. Mirrored in the glass doors is a sign for Deluxe Studio, a photographer's establishment north across P Street from the courthouse. John Johnson's care in composing images suggests he was probably aware of this reflection.<br />
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Deluxe studio was owned by Gustav(e) Shelander. Shelander lived at 938 P--the studio--in 1913.  By 1917 he'd married Theckla and moved his studio to 1213 O St but they still lived at 938 P.<br />
The 1920 Census has them at 814 South Street, then later they had a bungalow on S. 27th St., just above H, and lived there for decades.<br />
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 They were both born in Sweden, he about 1875, emigrating in 1892; she in 1895, emigrating in 1902.<br />
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Photographs taken on black and white glass negatives by African American photographer John Johnson  from 1910 to 1925 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Douglas Keister has 280 5x7 glass negatives taken by these photographers. Larger scans available on request.