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Slide-in truck campers came into their own in the 1950s and ‘60s. Their rugged design and compact size offered an alternative for folks who didn’t want to drag along a bulky trailer, maneuver a motorhome, or deal with setting up a tent and campsite at every stop. Unlike motorhomes and camping vans, slide-in truck campers could be left at home when not in use. This example, the Dreamer, manufactured by Coons Custom Coach, was available in various lengths and configurations—from a tidy 6-1/2-foot model designed to fit on Jeep-like vehicles, like the International Scout and Ford Bronco, to a 10-1/2-foot model that hung over the back of the pickup. Coons Custom Coach was only one of upwards of fifty camper manufacturers in southern California in 1960. Brochure courtesy Bruce Coons.