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Resembling an Andalusian streetscape, the Barcelona and Coruña apartments in Los Angeles’s Los Feliz district are among the most successful attempts to suggest random growth over time.  Actually two separate buildings facing each other across a courtyard, they were designed by architect George Fosdyke and constructed simultaneously in 1932.  Fosdyke used a number of techniques to create a village-like effect.  Rather than radically grading the sloping site, the floor and roof levels of the individual apartments are stepped to follow the natural contours. A series of recesses and projections divides the single long facade into seemingly discrete units, each of which features its own characteristic opening shape, whether rectangular, segmental-arched, single round-arched or double round-arched.  The flying staircase, a favorite detail of the era, once again provides a focal point.  The randomly-scored colored concrete path is a rare original feature that has been lovingly maintained.