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The Casa Laguna, built in Los Angeles in 1928, was the final apartment project carried out by the Zwebells.  Like its predecessors, its courtyard provides a private jungle oasis for the occupants of the twelve units surrounding it.  The building’s layout approximates a hollow rectangle like that of the Primavera, though on a much larger scale.  The outdoor fireplace and central fountain, Zwebell trademarks, are once again present.  So is the couple’s fastidious attention to detail, as evidenced by the construction of the double-storied roofed gallery:  On the lower floor, the gallery consists of a series of parallel-sided round columns topped by ornate bolsters and surmounted by a heavy beam; a dense row of corbels carries the projecting lip of the floor above.  The upstairs gallery is lighter in design, with rectangular columns, correspondingly smaller bolsters, and a simple railing.