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The Andalusia, built by Arthur and Nina Zwebells in West Hollywood in 1926, is undoubtedly their finest work, and has come to represent the standard by which all other courtyard apartments are judged.  Unique to the Zwebell’s designs, the Andalusia’s parking area is in front of the building, in a brick-paved courtyard flanked by garages on either side; the first bay of the left garage is visible here.  Thanks to the sumptuous detailing of the garages, doors, and paving, this straightforward arrangement does nothing to detract from the building’s beauty, and in fact provides a pleasing intermediate degree of privacy between the public street and the private courtyard.  The facade of the main building features the now-familiar Andalusian elements the Zwebells returned to again and again:  the projecting roofed gallery carried on corbels, this time with turned wooden posts and balusters; iron-grilled casement windows; and a carefully-composed asymmetry that yileds continual surprises.