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The Zwebells built their second project, the Patio del Moro, next door to the Primavera in 1925.; its rather forbidding facade belies the remarkable character of the spaces within.  Because the site was much narrower than that of the Primavera, the Zwebells arranged the Patio del Moro’s apartments in a C-shape around the courtyard, with the open side screened off by a tall wall that ran along the property line.  They also experimented with Arabic imagery, such as the horseshoe arch and the iron-grilled window above it.   The main part of the facade, however, remained a plain stuccoed surface with just a few simple openings.  As parking was always an issue in Los Angeles, even during the Twenties, the Zwebells devised increasingly ingenious ways to include garages without allowing them to dominate their designs.  Due to the Patio del Moro’s narrow street frontage, the garages necessarily remain obvious, although their elaborately paneled doors add a pleasing texture to the otherwise severe facade.  As was common during the Twenties, the doors slide on bypassing tracks, rather than swinging overhead.