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Oakland, California. Built by a local contractor, this Spanish Revival bungalow was one of a series erected on Monterey Boulevard in the 1930's.  No matter that the home is only one story - the elegantly curved and proportioned entry makes it look like a grand, Spanish hacienda, straight out of Hollywood.<br />
A suave turret distinguishes this elegant Monterey Boulevard design; its curvature is echoed in the entrance arch and living room window; in the bow-front window on the left side; and in the subtle curve of the porch steps. Circular pavilions of the kind seen here are relatively rare among Spanish Revival tract homes, since their construction demanded considerable extra labor.  While framing and plastering a curved form was relatively easy, fabricating gutters and wood trim was more challenging.  Installing clay barrel tile on a conical roof form proved most vexing of all, and hence such designs were seldom seen in tract homes. This example is especially well executed.